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Spa Wellness Nature

As time goes by we believe more and more that Mother Nature with all her secrets and wonders is mankind’s greatest source of strength. Positive use of Mother Nature’s energy can actively and wonderfully support all our bodily functions. Join us and discover the energy of the moon and the healing power of naturally occurring oils in the Alps and feel nature work its magic. Brand new to the Sonnenalp are the natural cosmetics by Just Pure a brand that offers the very best in body care and beauty products created using organic ingredients. What makes these products truly special is that their production is determined by the phases of the moon. 100 percent naturally occurring plant based ingredients and a unique method of preparation produces an intensity of aroma, a consistency and a good shelf-life of these products that are guaranteed to have no artificial additives. It is also a great opportunity for us to introduce you to the ancient wisdom pertaining to the healing properties of select Alpine plants and oils.  Alpienne – Power of the Alps – draws on the rich heritage of Alpine folk medicine to bring us health-giving oils and Alpine herbs for our bodies and our souls.

For further information contact our Sonnenalp spa reception on +49 8321 / 272 - 170 | or at spa-rezeption@sonnenalp.de

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