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Spa Wellness Sonnenalp

Health for us means bodily, mental and spiritual wellbeing. Whether you are looking for prophylactic help, medical aids or medical care we offer a wide range of qualified services.  A team of experienced specialist doctors and therapists will look after your individual concerns, wishes and needs whilst the wonderful natural beauty of the Allgäu, the bracing subalpine climate coupled with the perfect hospitality offered by the Sonnenalp all provide the perfect setting for this to happen. At the Sonnenalp resort your health is in the very best of hands.
Prevention incorporates a range of exercises and medical services. In conjunction with our team of doctors and therapists our qualified personal trainers offer comprehensive support in your efforts to prevent illness and maintain and promote health. Our experienced medical staff will take time for intense consultations, to carry out state-of-the-art examinations and to compile a personalized approach for each guest. In conjunction with our team you will be helped to compile a programme that will achieve a balanced state between tension and relaxation, exercise and rest, activity and recreation. Your wellbeing is our goal.

The Sonnenalp team of experienced doctors ranging from orthopaedics, general medicine and dermatology are there to promote your wellbeing and restore you to full health. With the full support of our competent team of physiotherapists, osteopaths and massage practitioners we will work together to tackle any medical issues you may have. Medically coordinated intervention and preventative measures will help you achieve the very best rehabilitation results possible. We will happily compile a personalised treatment plan and a programme of exercises for you to continue after you leave us. You will see: our Sonnenalp team will do all they can to further your healing and reinstate you to full health.

For further information contact our Sonnenalp spa reception on +49 8321 / 272 - 170 | or at spa-rezeption@sonnenalp.de

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