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Spa Wellness Sonnenalp

Regeneration for stress-damaged facial and bodily skin and balm for your soul forms the basis of our recipe for success. Feel new-found energy flow back as our expert fingertips set to work on your face or body, gently stroking away stress. This energy is your life-blood. Restore equilibrium and you will once again glow with radiance and a lightness of being. Nothing can unsettle your equilibrium. Trust the magic hands of our beauty and wellness team and let them put a smile on your face. Our virtuoso massages and face masks will restore a feeling of wellbeing and make you radiant with beauty. Our carefully compiled programme of international standing comprising well-regarded products and treatments of world-renown will leave nothing to be desired. Join us in our spa and choose from our programme of international beauty and wellness treatments then relax, enjoy, feel the benefits and let the ingredients work their magic.
For further information contact our Sonnenalp spa reception on +49 8321 / 272 - 170 | or at spa-rezeption@sonnenalp.de

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