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Sonnenalp Spa Philosophy

In the past few years our guests have shown a new-found awareness and a return to a lifestyle that is healthier, less stressful, slower, sustainable and more constant. As time goes on we believe more and more that Mother Nature with all her secrets and wonders is mankind’s greatest source of strength. Covering a massive 5,000 m2 our huge Sonnenalp Spa wellness and pool facilities that were built just a few years ago take there inspiration from the natural beauty of the Allgäu Alps. Great attention to detail and extensive use in the construction of natural, locally sourced Alpine materials such as wood, stone and glass support our philosophy of wholesomeness and sustainability. The Sonnenalp has a long history of providing expert wellness treatments: way back in the 1930s moor mud was freshly sourced right nearby and the hotel enjoyed a reputation as one of the leading spa hotels in the whole of Germany.
In the present day our focus is now on providing Sonnenalp Spa guests with plenty of tranquillity, relaxation and time with aromas, tones, images and tactile sensations flowing together to create a holistic feeling of wellbeing with a well-balanced state of mind interspersed with a feeling of letting go and periods of activity. Time out to find yourself, time to strengthen your own feeling of identity, time to follow your innermost feelings – from the bottom of our hearts, that is what we want to create for you during your stay with us at the Sonnenalp.

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