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Sport Summer Allgäu Mountains

Get fit, soak up our crystal clear mountain air and have fun doing a whole range of sports. Guaranteed: our great Sonnenalp programme will have a sport for you to enjoy! Lush green meadows, lakes as flat as millponds, gently rolling hills, dark green woodlands and picturesque farmhouses with geraniums at the windows: our hotel is set in some of the country’s most picturesque scenery that is just perfect for walking and cycling. Our Sonnenalp walking and cycling map will keep you on track wherever you choose to go. Guided excursions are also available for those who don’t want to go it alone. Daily walks explore the immediate vicinity of the hotel whilst two or three times a week longer, more challenging tours are on offer. Cycle fans have a choice between Scott trekking bikes, e-bikes or mountain bikes to race down thrilling trails on.
Rustic Alpine chalets or a rest in the hotel’s own "Weltcup-Hütte" on the Ofterschwanger Horn provide a welcome break or a great way to round off a hard day’s hiking or biking. Our personal trainers and fitness coaches are also available for individual sessions to help you improve your technique, try your hand at something new or to head off on a one-to-one cycle or hiking tour. Hourly rates are available on request. Our medical team is also on hand to provide fitness and health check-ups and tests whilst you train should you so wish. In addition to everything offered at the hotel there is also an extensive range of activities available in the surround area including a summer sled run, sailing, rafting and even hot air balloon trips and local flights in a small sport plane.
For further information contact our Sonnenalp concierge reception on Tel. +49 8321 / 272 - 94 |
or at concierge@sonnenalp.de

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