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Sonnenalp Culture Cuisine

At the Sonnenalp cuisine and culture go wonderfully hand in hand. The Sonnenalp aims to offer culture in a beautiful ambiance, with excellent artists and no pressures of time. We aim to offer far more than the usual hotel events. This year has seen the introduction of a full repertoire of 85 events spread over the four seasons: cultural spring, cultural summer, cultural autumn and cultural winter. Performers from the world greatest concert halls invite you to join them for a few special hours of culture and entertainment.
The Sonnenalp has created a successful fusion of culture and cuisine providing their guests with some unforgettable evenings of entertainment. Once the eye and the ear have been catered for it is time to turn the attention to the palate: the culinary delicacies served in our star-rated Silberdistel restaurant or in one of the other tastefully decorated dining rooms adjoining the main restaurant will guarantee a perfect end to a perfect day.




Sonnenalp Meal

Top quality "Alpine Cuisine" gourmet delights are served right throughout the hotel – in the newly refurbished dining rooms, in our Seepferd´l spa restaurant and in our star-rated  Silberdistel restaurant that is also open to non-residents. Dining at the Sonnenalp is all about superb food in a stylish ambiance. Pfeil-03.jpg


Sonnenalp Culture Arts

Arts & Culture
The Sonnenalp’s new "KulturZeit" culture programme comprises over 85 events spread over four distinct seasonal repertoires: "KulturFrühling" (spring), "KulturSommer" (summer), "KulturHerbst" (autumn) and "KulturWinter" (winter). Top-notch artists invite guests to join them for some truly pleasurable evenings of culture and fine entertainment including gentle chamber music, discerning readings, groovy jazz or traditional folk music. Pfeil-03.jpg


Sonnenalp Library

Library & Concert Hall
The Birkenmoor library is a relaxing sanctuary of peace and tranquillity. Over 1,000 books ranging from best sellers to the classics of literary history, from art and architecture to geography invite guests to enjoy a few quiet moments leafing through a good book. The library also hosts all the events offered by our brand new "KulturZeit" programme that has been carefully compiled with our more culturally focused guests in mind. Pfeil.jpg


Sonnenalp Bars

Lounges & Bars
Lounges and bars serve both as rendezvous and as to somewhere to retire to for a little quiet time. Enjoy a glass of wine with friends or sink into a comfortable armchair and read the paper. A bar with a good ambiance and an air of tranquillity provides some much needed peace and quiet. Our recently opened "Kili-Bar" is a welcome new highlight that greets guests with a fabulous sense of wellbeing the minute they walk into the lobby. Pfeil.jpg


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