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Sonnenalp Library

A unique paradise for book worms, in addition to offering a wide and varied selection of music the Sonnenalp focuses on literature that complements the music they are offering. Over the years the Birkenmoor library has welcomed numerous well-known and well- loved authors. In conjunction with Dr. Reinhard G. Wittmann, who heads up Munich's  “Literaturhaus München", a programme of exciting readings has been compiled for 2012. In addition to the Birkenmoor library Sonnenalp offers a number of inviting havens of peace and tranquillity such as the new Kili lounge or the gallery above the lobby, where guests can curl up with a good book. With over 1,000 books ranging from contemporary best sellers to the great names in classical literature, guests will never lack something to read.
With events staged in the Birkenmoor library, the Sonnenalp's "KulturZeit" programme offers guests the chance to enjoy a little culture with top-class performers in a relaxing ambiance, far from any pressures of time – completely in alignment with the Sonnenalp philosophy. The hotel aims to provide far more than the usual hotel programme of events. Our concerts, readings or festivals are all compiled with the needs, wishes and interests of our culture focused guests in mind. The repertoire is subdivided into four sections representing the four seasons: "KulturFrühling" (spring), "KulturSommer" (summer), "KulturHerbst" (autumn) and "KulturWinter" (winter). Whilst many arts’ programme focus on the summer at the Sonnenalp the focus is on spring and autumn so we fondly refer to these times as our “Kultur-Hochgenuss-Zeit” (“culture super focus”). Come and join us for an inspiring and diverse repertoire of arts and culture!

For further information contact the concierge on | Tel. +49 8321 / 272 - 94  | or at concierge@sonnenalp.de

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