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Sonnenalp Seepferdchen Restaurant

The Seepferd’l restaurant in the Sonnenalp is its own little microcosm. Within the bounds of the spa centre the Seepferd’l with its amazing terrace overlooking the outdoor pools serves a range of light and healthy cuisine. This lightness of fare and the sparkling surface of the water inspired the new-found look of the spa centre where guests can feel just as at home in their bath robes.  Aqua blue soft furnishings, wave-shaped benches and slim birch pillars optically dividing the room add a touch of peace and harmony to this exclusive spa cuisine. Live and enjoy a feeling of détente coupled with delicious gourmet delights.

To make a reservation contact Jörg Vetter and his team on  Tel. +49 8321 / 272 - 928 |
or at joerg-vetter@sonnenalp.de

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